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iPhone Battery issues and How To Fix Them

The Fastest Way To Deal With iPhone Battery Issues


If you haven’t broken your iPhone screen yet and are hanging onto your iPhone 6 – congratulations, you are a rare breed indeed.  Most users break their LCD screen through some sort of accident, or perhaps some incident they would prefer to blame on a friend – we won’t ask. But the truth is that even after a yaer of moderate use, you can expect a noticeable drain in your battery life. You’ve likely got an app constantly using data or WiFi, and even if you don’t the heavy camera usage most Snapchat users undergo can take a toll on the longevity of your battery. What is an addicted err…enthusiastic iPhone user to do? There are several options, the best of which we’ve detailed below – go forth and increase thy battery life!

iOS Settings and iPhone 6 Battery Life

This may seem super simple, however for most Apple users in the Ottawa area, keeping their iOS up to date as well as minimizing the use of certain battery intensive features can be the difference between your battery driving you crazy or you being able to last the entire day when using your slick new iPhone 6 or 6S. Use WiFi whenever possible, and minimize your brightness when your battery gets low to squeeze the most out of your mobile device before it gives out. You should also make a habit of not letting applications run in the background for extended periods of time as this can eat up battery power behind your back without you even knowing it.


Full iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in Ottawa

If the above isn’t doing the trick, then you have one other option which is to physically replace the actual battery and get that fresh full battery life which you’ve been yearning for back. The good thing is this is a reltively painless process and it can be done by a local Ottawa cell phone repair shop while you finish an errand or grab a coffee. The tricky part is you’ll want to vet each repair shop as the chances that one that hasn’t been around too long is using sub-par parts is highly likely. Look for mobile repair shops that have been around for more than 2 years and have a substantial amount of positive feedback online via their social platforms like Google business or Yelp.